The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!  In April of 2019 a new book was published “National Parks – Our Living National Treasures, A Time for Concern”.  The book is dedicated to our visitors and park users as well as the employees of the National Park Service.  Following one hundred years of dedication and protection our Service is now facing an important decade.  A decade in which the management and methods used to protect our parks will need to be evaluated and improved to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  A decade in which existing park infrastructure must be restored to physical health and usability, as was done in the past.

The book is designed to hopefully attract the attention of  park users, to help them understand the needs and concerns of today’s National Park Service; to help parks in their quest for revitalization and restoration.  Hopefully this blog will serve as a vehicle for readers to  discuss, debate and seek answers and to stimulate the changes needed for the protection of Our Living National Treasures.   As soon as the book is published, there will be additional information posted here, but until then, please feel free to step aboard. Welcome!!

Purchase on Amazon for Kindle or Paperback edition.

Paperback ISBN# 9781642374971 ///eISBN # 9781642374988